Antique Tractor Trouble Advice,

circa 1942

If the farm tractor lacks pep, better check up on valves and valve mechanism. If there is rebound on each compression stroke when the engine is cranked slowly, the valves are closing properly. Lack of compression means waste of fuel and loss of power.

Sticky Valves

Lack of compression in the farm tractor may be caused by sluggish or sticky engine valves. Engineers say this cause of power and fuel waste can often be remedied with a little kerosene. Start the engine, and after it has idled a while apply kerosene to the valve stems so that it works down between the stems and the guides.

Adjusting Discs

To prevent overloading the farm tractor, adjust the size of discs and disc plows to the power of tractors. If less draft is desired, the width of cut may be reduced or one or more discs may be removed. In operating in hard ground, weights should be used at the rear and front furrow wheels rather than on top of the frame or beam.

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