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The Ford Farm Tractor is a practical application of motor power to the every day work of the farmer. Wherever there is a pull or a haul, or wherever power is required to operate belt driven machinery, the Ford Tractor will do it.

Its capacity is eight horsepower on the drawbar and sixteen horsepower on the belt. Its weight is approximately 4100 lbs., being ample to give it adequate traction, and it's power is great enough to meet the demands of the average farm work, while its price, $495, f.o.b. factory, is within the reach of the average farmer. Low price and economy of operation are two important investment features —remember them.

The Ford Farm Tractor gives to the farmer a real power plant that can be used on any part of the farm and moved from place to place under its own power.

The Ford Tractor pulls plows, discs, harrows, motors, binders, seeders, manure spreaders, drags, wagons and small road graders. It operates ensilage cutters and silo fillers, feed grinders, water pumps, circular saws and other belt driven machines used on the farm. Almost every farmer who buys a Ford finds some new or unexpected use to which he can put his tractor in a way that is convenient and economical to him.

The Ford Tractor performs all classes of practical farm work. It is believed that every farmer working forty acres or more can use this tractor with great economy, saving horses and saving labor costs, and enabling him to do his farm work better, quicker. and cheaper than he could do it with horses.

To realize the possibilities of this investment, just consider that there are 6,000,000 farmers in the United States. Think of the possibilities of providing these farmers with a practical motor driven power plant especially designed to lighten their work, to save labor, to save hours, to save money, to enable than to do their work better and, above all, to help them do their seasonal work in season.

The Ford Tractor is not a reconstructed automobile, nor is it constructed from automobile designs. It is designed and built distinctively as a farm tractor containing only such principles of construction as are advantageous for farm tractor work. It is designed for strength, power and durability —the essentials of rough farm work.

The Ford Farm Tractor is not a new or untried invention. The advantages of the Ford Farm Tractor had been proven effectively before this offering of stock was made. About twenty months ago The Ford Tractor Company, Inc., began putting out these tractors in a commercial way. The first Ford Tractor is still in satisfactory use.

Hundreds of Ford Tractors have been distributed throughout thirty-seven states and several foreign countries and, as a result of the success of these farm tractors in general use in the hands of practical farmers. The Ford Tractor Company, Inc., now has in hand orders for thousands of Ford Tractors, sufficient to keep the factory working night and day.

The Farm Tractor Industry

There are 24,000,000 horses and mules busy with farm work in the United States. It takes five acres of crops to feed each horse. About one-fifth of the produce of the American farms is paid to the farm horse for his work. The average horse works only four hours per day.

The farm tractor enables the farmer to do his work "easier, better and do more of it." In the rush season it can work night and day. It is more powerful than the horse, can plow deeper, can work in hot weather as well as cold, can do practically anything that a horse can do and many things which a horse cannot do — such as driving belt driven machinery, for example.

The farm tractor is an instrument of peace. It is a facility of the most peaceful of all industries - farming. The farm tractor industry is distinctively a peace industry, yet the war with its terrible demands on men and horses has made the introduction of the farm tractor even more an urgent necessity.

England wants 2,000 American-made tractors right now—-and can't get them. France has appropriated 30,000,000 francs for farm tractor machinery to rehabilitate the devastated and neglected fields. Every step made by this country toward greater military preparedness will hasten the demand for farm tractors to replace men and horses called into service, and yet this is fundamentally a peace industry.

The Automobile, the great trade journal devoted to the industry the name of which it bears, says:

"It is estimated that we will need in the next few years nearly 1,000,000 tractors. Various estimates have been made as to how many tractors will be needed in this country. The figure has been placed at 1,500,000, but it is just about as sensible to make that estimate as an estimate made ten years ago on the number of automobiles that could be sold would have been sensible. There are 6,000,000 farms in the country, and naturally everybody looks forward to the day when every farmer will have a tractor. We also look forward to the day when some farmers may have two or perhaps three tractors. The entire possibilities are so great and the future so uncertain that it is impossible to estimate what even the home demand will require. Then there is the foreign field which has big things in store. The American farms must be powerised and the farms In foreign lands will also have to be tractorized."

Commenting on the great farm tractor demonstrations that were held last fall throughout the West and were attended by a half million interested American farmers, The Literary Digest says:

"It is believed that these events have brought the tractor through the pioneering stage, have established the foundations of an industry which will outstrip that of the motor car, and brave hastened a revolutionary power in the agriculture of the world."

The Wall Street Journal says "there are in the United State, alone 2,700,000 farms on which the present models of tractors can be economically used. Figuring only one tractor to each of these farms, and disregarding the remainder of the 6.000,000 farms in this country, this would make use for as many farm tractors as there are now automobiles in use in this country."

The farm tractor industry, therefore, promises to equal, if not exceed, the profits made by the automobile industry and to do it in less time. Automobile profits are now running at the rate of about $300,000,000 per annum, of which about $75,000,000 per annum is being paid in dividends. Probably no other industry has paid its stockholders such large profits in dividends. Those who invested in the early stages of the automobile industry made tremendous profits, in some instances ranging from 100% to 1,000% per annum. You now have an opportunity to get into the farm tractor industry at the same ideal stage for investment.

We are offering you an opportunity to become a shareholder in one of the leading established, producing companies in this new industry. The Ford Tractor I Company, Inc., known the world over as the manufacturer of the famous Ford Tractor.

The Ford Tractor Company, Inc., is incorporated under the laws of Delaware, with a capital stork of $10,000,000, divided into 100,000 shares of 7% preferred stock and 900,000 shares of common stock. Each share has a par value of $10 and is fully paid and non-assessable.

The Ford Tractor Company, Inc., is equipped with a complete mechanical, office, advertising and sales organization. The sales organization includes upwards of 200 agents and dealers in various sections of the United States. These agents keep on hand, or at a neighboring farm, one or more Ford Tractors which they exhibit or demonstrate as often as the occasion requires.

This selling organization is one of the best of its kind in the country and is a big factor in the future development of this company. Present dealers are already selling more Ford Tractors than the company can produce, and thousands of applications from prospective dealers and prospective purchasers have flooded the offices of the company within the past few weeks.

These inquiries have been received from every section of the United States and from numerous foreign countries. A number of Ford Tractors have already been shipped to several foreign countries and a contract has recently been closed with a representative of a French concern for an initial order of fifty Ford Tractors. Every effort is being made to develop both the export and the United States trade with a view to making The Ford Tractor Company, Inc. the leading producer of farm tractors in the world.

The home of the Ford Farm Tractor is in Minneapolis, Minnesota, which is the center of the greatest farm tractor development in the world. The Ford now occupies a new factory building which it holds under a favorable lease, with provisions for enlarging as fast as required. The capacity of the present plant is placed at twenty tractors per day. Every effort is being made to increase the output to capacity and to increase the capacity as rapidly as it is possible to secure parts and materials to meet the large and growing demand for Ford Tractors.

Official estimates indicate that on a production of 25,000 tractors par annum, the company should earn a net profit of $3,000,000 per year. This would mean an earning of approximately 33 1/3% on the total issue of common stock at its full par value To those who buy the stock under our present offer at $5.50 per share (par value $10 per share) this would mean a profit on the investment equivalent to approximately 60% per annum. On the same basis, a production of 100,000 Ford Tractors, would mean an earning of over 130% per annum on par, or approximately 240% on the investment at the present price of the stock.

You can share in the profits of The Ford Tractor Company, Inc. by investing in the stock now at $5.50 per share (par value $10 per share). We unhesitatingly advise investment in this stock. We endorse the company as being worthy of your entire confidence, and believe sincerely that this company will make enormous profits for all who secure their stock at the present low quotation.

Based on the results which The Ford Tractor Company has already accomplished; on the fact that the Ford Tractor has bean proven in the hands of hundreds of farmers; on the fact that the Ford Tractor is known the world over as the lowest priced tractor for general farm use; on the fact that the management is composed of men of known business ability and integrity who have been identified with the farm tractor business since its early days, and on our knowledge of the tremendous field which exists for a practical farm tractor of this type, we advise our clients to go the limit on this stock, believing that The Ford Factory company will undoubtedly pay very large profits within a short time.

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