La Crosse Happy Farmer Tractor

Advertisement from 1919

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La Crosse 1919 Farm Tractor ad

A Supply of Horses Does Not Prove That The LA CROSSE Happy Farmer Tractor is not needed. It may be a choice between IDLE HORSES OR IDLE LAND

One man and a team may and one-half to two acres per day. The same man and a La Crosse Happy Farmer Tractor can plow four or five times as much in the same number of hours.

Three men and three teams may fit a seed bed fairly well by going once each over the same field with a good harrow. One man and a La Crosse Happy Farmer Tractor will take a disc and two other harrows over the same field in less time and will do the work more thoroughly.

One man can cut more hay per ten-hour day with a La Crosse than he can with a team and will draw a shredder behind his machine in addition.

One man can, with a La Crosse, run a side-rake, wagon and loader over his meadow all at once and operate the Tractor from the load.

One man can cut one-third more grain per day with a La Crosse Tractor drawing his binder than when using horses, and can operate the Tractor from the binder seat. If he wants to he can hook on a second binder by the use of a second man.

One man with a La Crosse Tractor can keep his farm work up to the minute and do it more thoroughly than two men with a half dozen horses.

There's your belt work besides. The La Crosse Tractor can do the whole of it ensilage cutting, hay pressing, threshing that the horses cannot do.

Is it a choice on your farm between idle acres or idle horses, well-tilled fields, bigger crops and a La Crosse Happy Farmer?

Let us show you other things that the La Crosse Tractor will do.

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