International Harvester Titan

Another tractor new in 1919

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1919 International Farm Tractor

The International Harvester Titan 10-20 Farm Tractor had the following innovations that increased efficiency on the farms of the world. 

Friction Clutch Pulley

A large, wide friction clutch pulley, made in five sizes, equipped with safety shield, is mounted directly on the crank-shaft of the low-speed, steady Titan engine and delivers the full power to the driven machine. The Titan 10-20 can be quickly backed into the belt because of the location of the pulley and the belt clears the front wheels and other parts of the tractor by a generous margin. It is not necessary to dig holes for the front wheels to get the clearance. The Titan pulley was not put on as an afterthought. The designers did not overlook it in the first place. Some tractor builders committed this very serious error, due to lack of farm knowledge and experience. To remedy this error, they designed a small make-shift pulley, in one size only, attached it in an awkward place, and charge you extra for it .

Throttle Governor

Some tractors are sold without governors because, perhaps, the designers did not know that one was needed. Which is the best economy to pay an operator a salary just to sit on the tractor and adjust the fuel to the load variations when engaged in belt work or let a throttle governor do it without extra cost ? do it automatically, perfectly. The Titan throttle governor saves fuel, prevents grain losses by delivering uniform power to your thresher and lengthens the life of both tractor and driven machines. You get this governor without extra charge. 

Some tractor builders put a hook and eye affair on the tail end of their tractors and call it a drawbar! They seem to have overlooked the fact that a farm tractor not only pulls plows but also mowers, hay loaders, grain binders, harvester-threshers, etc., each requiring different hitch adjustment. Perhaps they didn't know about these other machines. Look at the Titan drawbar. Note the provisions for a wide range of adjustment both up and down and sidewise. The Titan drawbar fits every need and is furnished without extra cost.

The designers of some tractors evidently did not know that the drive wheels throw dirt, dust or mud over the operator and machine unless fenders prevent it. The Titan 10-20 has such fenders. They are also a "safety first" feature. The state of Michigan has passed a law prohibiting the sale of fender-less tractors. Titan fenders are furnished without the extra charge so often made by low-price farm tractor manufacturers. 


Some tractor designers apparently never sat in a tractor seat ten hours a day or more, jolting over rough fields, so they can't appreciate what a relief it is for the tractor operator to rest himself now and then by standing up, without loss of time. You will appreciate the Titan 10-20 platform that enables you to do this. It is a comfort feature furnished regularly With every Titan 10-20 tractor. 


A complete set of sixteen tools is furnished with every Titan 10-20 This handy tool-kit is provided in spite of the fact that Titan 10-20 tractors get out of order less frequently than any other tractors in the world. Some tractor concerns whose tractors really need frequent adjustment and repair furnish nothing but two or three wrenches. They tell you that their product is so good that it doesn't need adjustment. Do you believe this? As a matter of fact, they omit necessary tools for the same reason they omit essential features, described above to make a low "camouflage price"! The Titan 10-20 complete tool kit is furnished with each tractor.

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